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October 26, 2019 | Uncategorized | 1 Comment

Update News: December 18, 2019 for uCAST app
***NOTE: Our deepest apology for the app is still not working as expected. This app is a LOT more complicated than we thought, with a lot of back-end and behind-the-scene work. We are still currently working with many different developers to make it work. However our budget and cash flow is running out and would like to call sponsors and donators to support this app development. If we do not have enough funds (within 1 year) we will likely discontinue this app***

Please make your generous donations and sponsor and lets build this app together!:


Also please share the link so we can all make this app work even faster, ANY amount is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for ALL your support, patience, and loyalty to uCast Information Dashboard.

Don’t forget to also subscribe your email for more updates and news. Our old list is lost due to hackers!

Thank you for your understanding.